The kits are little "therapeutic tools" hidden in jewellery.  Jewellery is a great vessel to use as our preconceptions of what jewellery is makes it possible to hide its true nature. It can become a “therapeutic tool” disguised as a necklace or brooch for instance.
The first two kits were made as a response to the narrative 'For the working woman'.
The Anger kit in these clips deals with anger and the cathartic feeling of breaking things but also the importance of controling the anger through breathing.
The Anxiety kit deals with anxieties and problems. The kit is used to show that once problems are being unpicked they also become smaller and fragile like the little specks left.
The final kit was a response to a human rights barrister's work and environment and deals with humour, volume and preconceptions. It is meant to be used to lighten up her day as well as others. The kit is filled with jokes or positive proverbs that can be "fired off" to be found by passers by and hopefully make them smile in these very heavy and serious environments